Friday, May 13, 2011

The Blog Also Rises

Hey, everyone. Blogger (the Google-owned company that hosts my site) was down for nearly 24 hours -- it was Friday the 13th, after all -- but just came back up, so that's why there are no new posts up. They also deleted yesterday's, although there is some indication that they are looking to restore them.

It's been a weird feeling not blogging all day -- did you miss me? -- like being in a time warp to 2004. (Anyone know what time the series finale of "Friends" is on?!)

I was extra active on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE to make up for it -- I was going CRAZY! -- but I will resume normal blogging as time permits.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm off to see Echo and the Bunnymen tonight at Irving Plaza -- should be fun!


SFRowGuy said...

That is weird. You say the blog site was down, but I was in yesterday like normal. Must have happened after the noon hour.

mike said...

uh-oh, you were having major withdrawals ... it sounds like my favorite blogger needs a little "off-the-grid" vacation.

No iPhones, no Blackberrys, no internet ... after a day or two the shakes, sweats, and hallucinations will stop.

(of course, music and TV are still allowed - after all, we're not savages.)

Eps said...

Thought you were taking the day off from Blogging! Did follow FB though.

Will J said...

Blogger went down, but the sun still rose in the east and set in the west.

Life went on...

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Will -- I know, did you not see the photo accompanying the post?