Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bin Laden Tendencies? Osama Was Gay and Partied in 'Leather Boy Discos'

Did you ever party in a leather bar in the late '80s with a preppy guy named Tim Osman who liked to wet his lips and bat his eyelashes? Then you might want to read on. According to the GLOBE, Osama bin Laden was gay, but had no less than five wives and fathered 20 children in a "desperate bid to cover up his true sexual preference for men." (Someone was showboating in the boudoir if you asked me.)

Sources tell the tabloid that it was an "open secret" among top al-Qaida officials that bin Laden had a sexual relationship with his "most trusted courier," Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, but they turned a blind eye because of his role as leader in the terrorist organization. (It was bin laden's alleged lover's slip-up that eventually led to the terror chief's demise.)

The magazine claims the United States has known of bin Laden's sexual orientation for more than 20 years, saying a congressional aide tapped by President Reagan to help arm Afghan rebels against the former Soviet Union met with the world's most hated man near a Houston military base in 1987.

"He was introduced to me as 'Tim Osman,' which was the name the CIA assigned to him," the source said. "He had short hair, was clean-shaven and dressed in khaki cargo pants and Polo sweater. He was traveling on a Turkish passport."

After discussing some business in a booth in a restaurant, bin Laden allegedly tried to get down to some frisky business.

"His leg rubbed against mine, but I figured it was because he was so tall. When it happened a few times, I began to get the feeling he was hitting on me. Then he wet his lips and battled his eyelashes -- and there was no doubt what he was after."

The source says bin Laden then tried to get the aide to go to the Ripcord Club, Houston's infamous leather boy disco, but the American had no intention of going along. "So I paid for a taxi to take him and assumed he had a good time. It wasn't until years later that I realized I had spent time with the world's deadliest criminal. I wonder if all the guys he partied with that night ever figured it out."

Me neither. In the meantime, I can hardly wait for the CIA to reveal which Sean Cody videos bin Laden had stolen off the Internet.

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