Monday, April 18, 2011

Chimp Off the Old Block

Now you know why -- No birth certificate

I don't know why everyone is ganging up on Orange County GOP official Marilyn Davenport, who doesn't see how this photo could possibly be construed as racist in any way. She's merely following in the footsteps of some of the area's most famous Republicans, like former Rep. Bob Dornan, who once said, "Every lesbian spear chucker in this country is hoping I get defeated," and whose equally lovely wife, Sally, screamed "Shut up, fag!" at an AIDS activist during an Orange County town hall meeting. (God help us all.)

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BlackHand said...

People like Marilyn and the other verbal gaffers in Orange County drift further from reality daily. In Costa Mesa, there's a revolt against four city councilmen. The councilmen got "a taste of Wisconsin" and decided to cut half the city workforce. One worker jumped to his death the day that he received his notice. What did the Councilmen do? Party at one of their buddy's Irish bars on St. Patrick's Day!

Demography and stupidity like this is going to come crashing down hard on the local GOP here, and they are going to flip the freak out.