Thursday, April 07, 2011

American 'Gigolos'

Meet the cast of "Gigolos," Showtime's new reality show that follows the lives of a group of male escorts in Vegas who cater exclusively to women. (Really?) If the pictures look surprisingly promising, Alessandra Stanley's review of the show certainly makes it sound watchable, if for all the wrong reasons:

It’s almost impossible to watch “Gigolos,” a bluntly pornographic Showtime reality series about male prostitutes who cater exclusively to women and not be distracted with illicit thoughts of ... release forms.

Who in the world are these seemingly ordinary people — nurses, teachers and I.T. workers — who consent to have cameras record their sexual and legal deviances?

But when so many people prostitute themselves for fame, it’s only logical that a few will frequent prostitutes for it. “Gigolos” isn’t the most X-rated show on cable, but it may be one of the crudest reminders that there really is nothing some people won’t do to be on television.

It’s not unheard of for women to pay for sex, but if Internet ads are any indication, the market looks a whole lot stronger for gay male escorts. So a look at women-only gigolos in Las Vegas is a little like a cooking show devoted entirely to vegan steak recipes. Chefs can do wonders with wheat gluten, but seitan is hardly what most people think of when they think of steakhouses — or male prostitutes with names like “Brace.” 

It’s not so surprising that the five men who were selected as the stars of “Gigolos” would boast that they sell themselves for sex. The episodes are edited to highlight their paper-thin bravado, but even so, the camera can’t disguise an unsettling desperation, a visible yearning to make all those sordid couplings with strangers somehow pay off.

Check out the trailer, which makes it sound like they're a bunch of guys who work at Bennigan's together. The show premieres April 7 on Showtime.


Mike in Asheville said...

Okay, I couldn't resist checking the trailer ... can I have my 1.05 minutes back?

Sure the guys are hot, but insipid and creepy. And the women ... just how much botox can anyone person take without becoming completely plastic (didn't girls learn from Melanie Griffith that too much is too much?)?

Scott said...

Nick gas been a gogo boy in LA for a number of years. Nice guy. He owns a company called Explicit Strippers.

Anonymous said...

Uh, I believe Jimmy was in a gay movie before... Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild.

So... bi? Straight-for-pay? Who knows...

rob said...

Uhh....isn't prostitution illegal...or has the government figured how to tax them? Gotta love America, the land of the insane.

Julian said...

I was flipping through the channels and caught it. I dunno what to think, the guys are hot, but such douches. Everything about their personalities is annoying. Also, even though they were banging chicks, it was still titillating to watch. I think it's gonna be a super-secret pleasure.

SteveDenver said...

Brace's face looks like an old softball mit... too late for sunblock! The rest of them are overprocessed.

ClumBaby said...

So far, every chick they've had looks like a porn star wannabe, or wash out.
The guys all seem like douches, especially after episode 2.

Cancelling my DVR timer.