Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Meredith Baxter Comes 'Untied'

When last we checked in with guest blogger Christopher, he was knee-deep in Meredith Baxter's emotionally unbalanced memoir, "Untied," and the accidental lesbian's life was about to change with the role that put her on the map, "Bridget Loves Birney."

Christopher reports:

When we last left our girl Meredith Baxter, she was being pandered to various casting agents by her PIMP, I mean manager/stepfather Jack. Finally, her whoring around Hollywood paid off and she was cast in the CBS series "Bridget Loves Bernie." The "Bernie" in this series about a young Irish Catholic elementary schoolteacher (Baxter) who falls in love with a Jewish cab driver, was none other than Mr. David Birney. Meredith states that she was immediately attracted to the "extremely handsome, dark haired, intense, lithe, and graceful" 32-year-old actor.

Read the full book report HERE.


dishy said...

That book report was fucking hilarious! THANK YOU

Anonymous said...

What an awesome report -- can't wait for the next one! How did dopey/slutty/drunky/druggy Meredith become an instant lez overnight? Took a pill for it?