Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kim Cattrall Is Not a Fan of Page Six or My Name Is Not Ken(dra)

Fans of Hollywood and media -- and where the two intersect -- will find this item about Kim Cattrall on Page Six today absolutely fascinating. A reporter from the famed gossip column caught up with the leggy blonde after the premiere of her new film, "Meet Monica Velour," in which she plays an '80s porn star who now strips to make ends meet. (It's kind of a "Sex and the Trailer Park.") Apparently Cattrall was ranting about the discrimination women of a certain age face in Hollywood -- sort of an odd point for a 54-year-old to be making at the premiere of HER film -- then got even crankier when she realized she speaking to The New York Post.
PageSix reports:

When we tried to break the ice with Cattrall, mentioning a ridiculous tip we'd gotten earlier in the day about her getting a bikini wax -- a well-tackled subject on "SATC" -- she snapped, "That's a stupid question. You're a smart girl. How could you want to write that?" She then turned her anger on gossip columns, specifically Page Six, despite our being big fans of hers. "It'll chew you up and spit you out," she said, leaning in and adding that being a gossip reporter just isn't a "respectable job." Cattrall asked, "Why don't you work at -- what's that news agency -- Roybers?" When we corrected her, "Reuters," she conceded, "Yeah, sorry, I've been drinking." But she didn't stop there, ranting, "What about writing for a blog? Then you can write about what you want [or] care about."

I found her last comment to be the most interesting, probably because the question I get asked most often by readers I meet is whether or not I have another job. When I see yes, nine times out of 10 they seemed positively stunned -- which makes me smile because it seems preposterous (to me, at least) for someone to think that I could make a living off of "my life" -- let's face it, I'm no Kendra -- yet it implies that I put enough work into my site that it seems like a full-time career. (Thanks!)

To answer Cattrall's question for whichever smart "girl" from Page Six got asked it: We would (just) write for a blog, if we could make enough money off of it!

"Meet Monica Velour" opens April 8 -- and I cannot wait to see it!

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Matthew said...

This should make me dislike her, but I find it really funny and I like that she was not censoring herself. As for discrimination vs. older women, I'm with her; she works, but not constantly, and while S&TC is a goddesssend any actress in her 40s/50s would cherish, she lucked into that.

Gossip is a very human thing—I'm certainly not above it. But there are times when gossip columns could certainly be described as disreputable. Where she errs is in assuming that bloggers, when allowed to write about whatever they like, won't sink to the same depths or lower!