Friday, February 25, 2011

Das Boot Meets 'The Comeback'

Do not adjust your monitors, readers. That is my right foot in an AirCast (my plantar fasciitis has gotten even worse, despite weeks of cortisone shots and high-dose anti-inflammatories) and that is Valerie Cherish on the screen of my 16-inch color television (it's my "big screen" -- the TV/VCR combo in the other room is only 11 inches, a dimension one normally doesn't complain about in the boudoir).

Going into yesterday's big "Comeback" event, I had only seen the entire season one time (during its original run in 2005), and had just rewatched the first six episodes Wednesday night. I finished the rest last night and was not only impressed by how well it held up, I found myself completely engrossed in it like it was the first time. Didn't even remember several of the crucial plot lines, and got goose bumps all over again when Chris and Jesse stood up for Val when the Indian duo "disrespect" her, tears when Val talked about the rod in her back, and euphoric when Val let Paulie G. have it in her cupcake costume. I'd also forgotten about the final episode, when "The Comeback" is revealed, and how it all shook out on Leno. I went into it knowing I was already blown away by the show and I'm still completely in shock how blown away I am.


Anonymous said...

They completely screwed up not giving this show more seasons - it was brilliant

Adam said...

I don't need to see that!

Anonymous said...

You might give Skechers Shape-Ups a try. I had similar problems for years, but got immediate relief from the Skechers.

Anonymous said...

I just need to know I'm being heard.

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