Monday, January 31, 2011

Red Army

Guess who just made a whole new legion of sitcom-loving enemies? (Oops.)

I've got nothing against the guy -- I don't watch "Modern Family" but enjoyed "The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told" -- but did think it was odd that multiple -- OK, five! -- people would bad-mouth him to me out of left field, and it had nothing to do with his spelling. Their principal complaint is that he does the whole act like he's never met you before even after hanging out with you a dozen times with mutual friends, a trait I know everyone hates.

I thought JTF's retweeting this showed he had a sense of humor about the whole thing -- something his fans sorely lack -- but who knows. If what I hear is true, he probably won't even "remember" this happened come tomorrow anyway!

UPDATE: Where would I be without diplomatic Matt to stick up for me? :-)


Unknown said...

Interesting... I had the exact opposite experience with JTF. I've run around theatre circles for years and our paths crossed many times both pre and post Modern Family -- although we've only casually said hello to each other time to time, never gone out and had dinner together.

Then several weeks ago I was at a Hollywood party where I "met" him again and he's the one that said to me, "Oh, we've met before.... good to see you again."

I think people expect too much of people - especially people who have "made" it. I had a few good conversations with Zac Efron at a few different parties, but if I ever happen to see him again, I don't for a minute expect him to remember that or me for that matter.

While we all hate the "act like he's never met you before" trait, sometimes that's the best thing to do or else it can become very awkward for both parties and turn into a great script for a Modern Family episode.

BW said...

Back up a bit: How can you not watch "Modern Family"? That last episode had better win an Emmy.