Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How Former N.Y. Times News Service Journalists Are Doing 1stld-Writethru

My post about how my former colleagues and I from the New York Times News Service are doing "a year later" was widely circulated yesterday. But it wasn't until a few friends pointed out that while I was saying I was still "strangely unbitter" -- a reference from my post a year ago when I found out my job was being outsourced -- there was some underlying emotion I was not expressing. I slept on it, and woke up this morning realizing they were right -- so I offer this writethru to correct my earlier item.

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What I am a year later, however, is disgusted that we live in a world where a paper as great as The New York Times believes it must play a shell game to please stockholders -- there is NO WAY they are saving anything close to what they first promised -- and in the process diminish the brand (grad students editing Times copy in Gainesville? Come on!) while causing undue harm to a group of professionals who were willing to make enormous sacrifices to keep the department intact. And for what, a temporary bump in the stock price? This doesn't make me bitter, it just makes me sad.

The complete, corrected post can be found HERE.

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