Thursday, December 23, 2010

Where Have You Gone, Jason Ridge?

The porn-star-next-door has gone missing in recent years. We miss your sweet face.


Damien Oz said...

Here here............

Anonymous said...

Errr, Ken, I don't think it's only his sweet face that we miss!!!

TonkaManOR said...

Yeah, does anyone know what happened? His blog has been closed for a while now! Always thought he was handsome, so yes, I will admit to a 'Crush' as well!

bob said...

Jason produced a few films under the studio named 'Ridgeline'. Then I read that he had completely left the industry.
If anyone has further imformation on Jason Ridge Please post it here.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know that Jason Ridge (Wil Jones) has left the porn industry and has left Los Angeles. Mr. Ridge closed his Ridgeline Films in 2009-2010 and moved back to Chicago. (So I was told)

I enjoyed him and his films. I've gathered through conversations with him that he regrets much of his career in porn and subsequently what he is left with.
Porn stars mature as we all do. They deal with society norms, age issues/vanity, in addition to dealing with the constant realization and pressure that someone younger and cheaper is coming up to take your spot.

Jason Ridge burned many bridges in the gay porn industry and had many enemies. Jason is more intelligent than you would imagine someone that gorgeous being. Every encounter that we had; Jason was a charming, sweet and, believe it or not, shy guy. That all being said, Jason Ridge was one of the sexiest, handsomest men I've ever seen on-screen and off.

I wish he could have transitioned to his next phase and still stayed connected to his fan base. But, Jason seemed to have grown tired of the industry, the pressures, the losers, the piracy of what titles he did own through Ridgeline Films. So who can blame him for quitting it all cold-turkey?

Jason Ridge was/is one in a billion. Most people I've dealt with in Porn are scum of the earth; Directors, Producers, Hanger-ons. If Porn didn't attract such bottom-feeding dregs, it would be a pretty awesome work environment. Unfortunately for Jason Ridge, an opinionated, intelligent star isn't welcome. Twofold, a porn star that also decides to take on the responsibilities of having his own business is a double threat. So many were rooting for his failure, and so many would say and write horrible untruths about him.

I hope Jason/ Wil Jones is happy and healthy wherever he is. We will always have his films and photos to remember him by. Maybe someday he will report on his new life and explain his choices and let us know what's up. And in return, he can hear the undying love we have for him.

(Anonymous - because I love the guy and I think if you're being honest and coming from a good place you can express yourself anonymously.)

Anonymous said...

To anonymous - Very nicely put. People have lots to type when they don't like someone - it's great to see good things about someone whose work you like (other than "i wish i could do him", which is what you usually get on porn blogs).

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