Friday, December 31, 2010

Jimmy Destri's Gonna Make It After All

Interesting to read that founding Blondie keyboardist Jimmy Destri -- who wrote many of the band's best songs including their most recent hit, "Maria" -- had just sold his 4,500-square-foot Victorian mansion in Bay Ridge for $1.3 million. More than anything, I was happy to hear someone in Blondie had that kind of money -- if you recall, they were robbed blind by their original manager and then took a 17-year hiatus -- and especially happy for Destri, who was unceremoniously pushed out of the band after forming a substance-abuse problem during the band's late '90s reunion. Happy to hear Destri is thriving these days as a drug and alcohol counselor, although it sure would be nice to see him play with the band again sometime soon -- a proposition that seems unlikely if history is any indication.

One thing's for sure, though. Someone's ready to start living in the real world. How else could you explain willingly giving up the ability to pretend you're living in Mary Tyler Moore's fab old digs?

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