Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gay Teen Is No Fan of 'A-List' Bullies

The cast of "The A-List" was quick to jump on the IT GETS BETTER bandwagon, but at least one gay teen isn't buying it. Senny Day -- aka Day by Dey -- says that while the Logo reality stars are busy telling LGBT youth that it gets better, what they neglect to say is that once you grow up and come out, instead of having the homophobes judge you, you've got a bunch of bitchy queens like them ready to pick up where the straight bullies left off, only this time they'll judge you on your weight, socioeconomic status and Abercrombie & Fitch quotient. "These people should not be on TV. Point blank, they shouldn't."

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Anonymous said...

Sadly, he makes an excellent point. In our minority group, as in all others (and the majority too) - even though we're harmed by outsiders far too frequently - the one most likely to harm you is one of your own. And the one you're likely to harm is too. It's human nature - but that doesn't make it right.