Friday, July 16, 2010

A Lovely Lady

Holy cursed tiki necklace -- did I actually see Jane Lynch play Carol Brady back in '92 in "The Real Live Brady Bunch"? “It was an amazing thing where we did actual episodes of The Brady Bunch on stage and people lined up around the block. It was so much fun. Our tongue was firmly planted in our cheeks," Jane said recently at a DGA event. "But we also shared this deep, dirty secret with everybody in our audience that the show really comforted us. It was this family that worked. … It was also extremely savvy and of the era. We wore funky 70s clothes and we of course put sexual tension between the siblings so that it was incestuous.” Jane later auditioned for the Carol Brady in the Brady Bunch movies but lost out to Shelley Long (talk about brilliant casting!). Read more HERE.

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nojarama said...

OMG! I loved the Real LIve Brady Bunch. Hilarious! And yes, the first two BB movies (especially the second) were perfectly cast and very funny!