Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What the Chuck?

They're in dire need of a pair of purple shoelaces, but it sure made me smile when I saw these orange Converse Chuck Taylor high tops while shopping at Macy's with Michael, just like the ones I got in the summer of '83 for my 16th birthday. (My desire for them led my stepfather to ask me if I was a "homosexual" before the cake was even cut.) I wore them throughout high school -- including the recording of my band's debut EP -- before essentially retiring them my freshman year of college for a more adult white pair. But as I held them again for the first time in 25 years, I was kinda sad I hadn't saved them and had them bronzed.


Anonymous said...

You are SO gay!

JimmyD said...

That's quite the provocative picture up top. Legs for days!
Buy the sneaks! (tho... the snap makes them look more pink-ish than orange.)
I love my pink low tops! One is never too old for Converse!

Anonymous said...

I have the exact same shoes on my feet right now

Kato said...

Buy them and wear them!
If you were not afraid of the comments then... what could you possibly be afraid of now???
And please don't get me started on the 80's short shorts... we may not have had internet in those days...but we could go to sports practice in high school and enjoy the seniors in short-shorts. ;-)