Friday, June 25, 2010

Cool Claw Luke's

Finally tried the lobster roll at Luke's in the East Village. Quite tasty, although it was considerably different from what I'm accustomed to. Wasn't really lobster salad -- the stuff with celery and mayo -- but more like huge pieces of lobster with butter and lemon on it. I'm from the Midwest, so maybe not up on these things -- perhaps it's like a Manhattan vs. New England clam chowder kind of deal?


BW said...

Traditional Maine-style lobster roll would be lobster chunks and mayonnaise, maybe a little celery, on one of those inside-out hot-dog buns they used at Howard Johnson's, buttered on the outside and grilled. Mmm.

Greg said...

Is Arizona the new Midwest? I know everyone wants to disassociate, but that's still the Southwest.

(I write this a Midwesterner now living in the coastal West)

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Greg: I'm from Michigan originally. (My family later moved to Arizona.) I totally know what you mean about people's loose interpretation of geography, though. I've heard many refer to Colorado as the Midwest too!

Brent said...

I am headed to Maine with my Partner next week and dying for what you described. Just lobster on a toasted buttered roll. The best one I had was in a little seaside town. The whole tail was on the bun with the claws sticking out the front. YUM!!

BTW-Big fan of your blog!