Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nadal 2.0

Venus Williams' negligee isn't the only fashion statement sending shock waves through the tennis world. "Cro-Magnon brute" Rafael Nadal's new $525,000 wristwatch is raising eyebrows too -- which is to say nothing about his new country-club-ready attire -- with some asking what Uncle "Fly coach, drive Kia" Toni has to say about his protege wearing a watch that costs 10 times more than the average Mallorcan worker will earn in a year. Others think athletes wearing a watch at all is ludicrous, but I certainly remember back in my tennis heyday (late '70s and '80s) that I never played without one. That it was a Snoopy tennis watch -- with a denim watchband that needed to be replaced three times a year -- was only incidental as I continued to wear one into adulthood, starting with my first Jazz watch.

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mike said...

I guess all that publicity will pay off for Ppurpetuelle, the Swiss Watch maker. And I suspect that Nadal receives $$$$ to go along with the watch.

I still much prefer the sleeveless shirts, and while the Capri shorts are not my thing, when Nadal first showed his stuff, he sure looked adorable. Too bad he now looks like the rest of the bunch; he, his stylist and agent should at least try to come up with something unique. Perhaps Venus could lend a hand.

I happened to catch Nadal's 4th round match during the 2005 French Open and told my hubby that there was this kid who was amazing and I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't win the whole thing. While I root for good tennis, he's a special favorite.