Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tuesday's Child

When I blogged about my myriad childhood toys that might have hinted at a lifetime of homosexuality -- including Jody and Her General Store, Growing-Up Skipper and The Sunshine Family -- one stood out in my memory as by far the coolest: my Tuesday Taylor Penthouse Apartment. If you grew up underprivileged as a boy and didn't have one yourself, you really don't know what you were missing. Between the sunken living room, spiral staircase, Barbara Gordon-esque dressing room and glamorous city views -- day and night -- it was all I could do to not run away from home and head to New York City at age 10, knowing that my destiny was to be a cross between Anissa Jones' Buffy and Eva Gabor's Lisa. Since my "Gay for Play" post nearly four years ago, I've received dozens of e-mails from fellow fans of this prime piece of Manhattan real estate. But the best message to date has to be the one I received yesterday that included a link to commercials for the dream digs that starred a very young Brooke Shields, but clearly should have starred yours truly. (Skip to 1:01 -- and click HERE if you're looking to buy one now!) I never actually had a Tuesday Taylor doll -- my Jody and bikin-briefs-wearing Big Jeff lived in my penthouse -- but I'm beginning to wish I had. As the commercial shows, the blond/brunette hair combo would have made a perfect Debbie Harry!


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