Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring in Fialta: Slow Children to Reunite!

If the brainy New Wave synth duo Slow Children -- best known for their MTV video hit "President Am I?" -- weren't on your radar back in the early '80s, then you really missed out. Singer Pal Shazar and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Chinich released two incredible and critically acclaimed albums produced by Jules Shear and Stephen Hague -- "Slow Children" (1981) and "Mad About Town" (1982) -- before parting ways in a huff when their label wanted their third release to be an EP. Shazar went on to an interesting career as a painter and solo performer, while Chinich has had a successful career in marketing and advertising. Shazar performs regularly at the Living Room on the Lower East Side, and from what I hear Chinich attended one of her shows earlier this year and the spark was lit for a reunion -- which is taking place at 7 p.m. tomorrow night (Wednesday, April 14) at the Living Room. For those who are unfamiliar with the band, you can cram tonight by downloading my vinyl transfers of their works HERE.

Pal tells me they've already come up with 10 new songs, but I am PRAYING they will do MANY of the classics. Some of us weren't old enough to attend a Slow Children show back in the day -- I don't think there were that many, either; Bangles bassist Michael "Micki" Steele used to play with them, too -- so this might be the one chance I finally have to fill that void in my concert resume!

The Living Room
154 Ludlow Street
New York, NY 10002-2211
(646) 602-9404

Andrew and Pal, 2010

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pal shazar said...

bless you kenneth! it is gonna be a wondrous night.

nipper said...

thanks kenneth for the downloads and upload info 'where are they now?' excerpts. go pal and andrew.

Anonymous said...

Ghy Synclair - I am so excited over this. I Pray for a West Coast visit.

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