Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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  • Kish Off: "One Life to Live" bids Kyle (Brett Claywell) and Oliver Fish (Scott Evans) goodbye. Naturally, a child was involved. (Maybe ending this story line wasn't such a bad idea after all.) (Greg in Hollywood)
  • Right and Wrong: As talk of a possible Supreme Court nomination for Solicitor General Elena Kagan persists, conservative activists are homing in on a high-profile stand she took on gay rights as a centerpiece of their opposition if she is nominated to the Supreme Court. Only in America could the thing you should be most proud of be used against you by the Republican Party. (WSJ)

  • Anonymously Yours: After years of embracing the idea of a digital free-for-all, big-name news sites are rethinking anonymous online comments. I curtailed the practice about a year ago figuring I had no obligation to give haters a platform -- especially if they didn't have the balls to admit who they were. A famous blogger, however, recently told me he'd like to take it a step further and use IP addresses and some detective work for a "Dateline"-inspired "To Catch an Anonymous Commenter." Needless to say, I applaud the idea. (NYT)
  • Equality Delayed: Gay rights activists say they have failed to qualify a measure that would repeal California's same-sex marriage ban for the November ballot. (AP)
  • Conversations With Jackie: During the first half of 1964, just months after her husband was assassinated, Jacqueline Kennedy sat for seven interviews with historian and family friend Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Sources say Hyperion will issue the transcripts in September 2011. (AP)

  • Kitty's Got Claws: It's hard not to get excited about a "tell-all" book about Oprah, even if she's pretty much already told us all there is to know. I love that Oprah used to live in sin with John Tesh(!) and that her mom doesn't have Oprah's phone number. But is it really possible that Kitty Kelley really knows who Oprah's father is when the talk show queen doesn't? (NYT)
  • Orange Crush: Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Calif., has always been one cool chick in a county full of uncool housewives. And on Sunday, she proved it again when she pledged to author legislation that would secure Social Security benefits for gay and lesbian couples. (OnTopMag)

  • Pink Triangles: Over the weekend, holocaust remembrances in Gainesville, Fla., honored gay victims of Nazi persecution. "Recent homophobic events in the city and the efforts to introduce bigotry and intolerance into the mayor's race showed us that this was a poignant time for us to introduce this topic," Holocaust Memorial Program committee member Phillip Schwartz told The Gainesville Sun.(Advocate)
  • Religion-Free Zone: Make fun of me all you want, but with the Vatican aggressively defending itself linking child rape to homosexuality rather than celibacy among priests, I'm more than happy being on Team Maher. (AP)

  • Lucky Charmer: Like we didn't already have enough reasons to love Colin Farrell, now he's defending gay kids? (NDTV)
  • This I Promise You: I don't think your prom could get any gayer than having Lance Bass organize it. (AP)
  • Blame It on the Gays: What, now even black men in South Africa are using the "gay panic" defense for killing white supremacists? (NYDN)
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