Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It Won't Play in Peoria

I would say kudos to douche-bag John McCain for his new ad blasting his Senate opponent J.D. Hayworth's extremist views. But having grown up there, I'm almost embarrassed to admit that in mocking the former rep's wingnut beliefs, McCain risks being out of touch with typical Arizonans, who do believe Barack Obama was born in Kenya, who do believe the legalization of same-sex marriage opens the door for "man-horse marriage," and who think Hayworth's once being voted one of the "dumbest members of Congress" is a badge of honor. (Sarah Palin is HUGE in Arizona.) I have been away from the Valley of the Sun for many years now, but I still go home frequently. Trust me when I say that the average resident does not specialize in subtly.

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Marc said...

I remember living in the Valley of the Dumb, but not fondly.