Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Road of Excess Leads to the Palace of ...

Former club kid Steve Lewis reports in BlackBook that he visited Michael Alig yesterday prison and that the convicted murderer and fashion victim is set to be released between August and October. The on-again, off-again friend writes introspectively of Alig's downfall and the effect it's had on his victims, namely Angel Melendez and himself, but has made peace and is ready to accept Alig back into his life.

Writes Lewis:

I have climbed out of the abyss. I have changed and been changed by my ordeal Michael has changed. He isn’t the cute kid from before, or the drug crazed demon, murderer and manipulator. A judge ruled a long time ago that he would serve a long sentence in a horrible place for what he did. He has served this sentence and during this time has had his ups and downs. We, in the perfect world, have also had our ups and downs. In the joint things can get exaggerated, escalate dramatically. Now it’s almost time for the world to embrace one of its lost souls again. Those who choose not to forgive must be respected, but those who will give from themselves and find forgiveness must be respected as well. I will be there when he walks out into the sun. I will give him another chance.

While I agree that people who "serve their time" deserve a safe place back in society, there are some ominous clues in Lewis' piece about what's next for the Party Monster. Lewis says Michael is "obsessed with reality TV and the state of our creative culture." (Oh, lord.) Let's pray Dr. Drew isn't watching this -- or even worse, the casting agents of the "Bad Girls Club."

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nojarama said...

I was never a fan of Alig (Seemed like the entire NY scene shat all over the magic of the UK/LA Acid House scene IMO- yes dearies, it was going on in Los Angeles BEFORE NY!!!). But without him, we would have never gotten "Party Monster" (or been introduced to Amanda Lepore, Ritchie Rich et al).