Thursday, February 25, 2010

Page 1 Consider (02/25)

  • Franco's Feast: Click HERE to watch a (not-work-friendly) clip from "The Feast of Stephen" James Franco's student film that won the Teddy Award at the Berlin International Film Festival last weekend. I'm sure this tale of naked boys playing basketball shot in tasteful black and white will finally put those gay rumors to rest once and for all. (Via WayOutWest)

  • Fair and Fabulous Housing: HUD seeks help with anti-gay discrimination study. (AP)

  • Bristol Clear: A recent article in the Washington Post touted a study claiming abstinence-only sex education can delay sexual activity as effectively as comprehensive sex ed. But the real story behind the study is one we're all familiar with: teaching abstinence is only productive in conjunction with open and accurate sexual health information. (NSRC)

  • A New 'Argentina': Despite owning Olivia Newton-John's "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina" ("Making a Good Thing Better" RULES!!!), I am a bit too young to have appreciated "Evita" the first time around. But thanks to Madonna and my (212) area code, I will be more than ready for the planned Broadway revival in the next year or two, which will reportedly star Argentine actress Elena Roger in the title role, which she played to acclaim in London in 2006. (Arts Beat)

  • For the Boys: Print media may be dying, but thank god for niche markets, like a new 'zine for transgender males. (365Gay)

  • Truth in Advertising: A 40-year-old trainer named Dawn Brancheau eaten alive by a killer whale at SeaWorld just after the popular “Dine with Shamu Show” This is obviously very sad news, but anyone who ever saw "Jaws 3-D" knew this was bound to happen -- oh, and the fact that Tilikum had killed TWO people before. (Telegraph)

  • John Waters Country: Maryland may recognize out-of-state gay marriages. (365Gay)

  • Better Know a Partner: Getting to know Susan Mikula, aka Mrs. Rachel Maddow. (SheWired)

  • Paging Tim Hardaway: Are you California boys ready for the first-ever gay night at a Golden State Warriors? (Outsports)
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    JD said...

    Dear god, is that Rachel Maddow in that picture? She's usually so hot, but here she looks like my dorky band geek friends from high school.