Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Some good news out of this earthquake tragedy: American royalty Anderson Cooper has just donned his tightest T-shirt and is ready to help the poor people of Haiti. A friend calls Andy's T[ease] shirt the equivalent of a superhero cape, but I'm more interested in the Boy Wonder American Red Cross worker he found to "interview." (Get a tin shack, guys!)


Leo said...

LOL, you saw that too huh? Normally my eyes are just on Andy but last night I was like, Andy hot t-shirt, Red Cross guy...just hot. It was like watching a tennis match!! I think there was some chemistry there! ;) peace

James Greenlee said...

I caught this too, thought dirty thoughts, and then concluded "I'm going to hell." When there is a tragedy, I'm just checking out the hot reporters. And weathermen if there's a hurricane. Yep. Hell.