Thursday, January 21, 2010

Morning Wood: Mike Manning

I haven't really watched "The Real World" since that horrible season in London (what was that, season 4?). But Michael is just gaga over the gay -- I mean "bi" (mwwwuuaah) -- guy on this year's D.C. edition. I'm assuming he's way hotter on the show than he is in these pictures. Don't get me wrong, he's obviously handsome. But there's gotta be more to it than just his looks for Michael to say anything as he almost never points out hot guys to me.


smilekyle said...

Why do everyone's eyes in the No on 8 ads look so beautiful and scary?!

Leo said...

I watched one episode of this season today, only because that was the channel the tv was on when I hit power this morning. Then the remote fell behind the couch and well, ya know. Anyways, um he's okay looking but just...I dunno. I'm not attracted to cookie cutter, gym toned, gay ('cause really...who is bi?) white bois. His personality seemed kind of bland also, no edge. To be fair it's one episode I saw. And no to all the men reading this thinking "but you wouldn't kick him out of bed, now would you?". lol ;) peace