Monday, January 18, 2010

Hole in One (Dozen)

Well, that didn't take long. A new porn flick based on the Tiger Woods saga -- "Tyler's Wood" -- is now out:

This fun, sexy romp, features five scandalous scenes focusing on golf legend "Tyler" and his multiple mistresses, giving audiences a chance to see [production company] Adam & Eve's interpretation of events in explicit, X-rated detail! "Tyler's Wood" is over two hours long, and also features Andi Anderson, Capri Cavali, Richelle Ryan and more.

While this was certainly unavoidable, I guess the real question is how long before any of the real Tiger Woods sex tapes surface.


Anonymous said...

I think a better title would have been Lyin's Wood - not only would it make fun of his animal name it would also pick up on all the lying.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the production decided to cast a Black/African American man in the "Tiger Woods" role rather than a caucablasian man as Tiger proudly and boldly states his is and NEVER Black/African American.