Tuesday, December 29, 2009

They're All Together Ooky

The heavily promoted Broadway musical adaptation of "The Addams Family," starring Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth, is getting a last-minute makeover:

The New York Times reports:

The feedback from critics, colleagues and friends, Stuart Oken, one of the show's lead producers, said, “is that perhaps we were taking a little too much for granted assuming that the audience walks in with the relationship with the Addams family fully intact, and we didn’t appropriately reconnect the audience to the family members.”

Sounds like a wise move to me. I was a Munsters kid all the way.


Eps said...

Saw it when it opened in Chicago. Very funny; but about 20 minutes too long.

Jimmy said...

Oh come on...The Munsters were a rip off.

Morgan said...

Mom saw it in Chicago (for free!) and said it was the worst musical she had ever seen, and that every person in her large party also thought it was bad.

Ron Baumanis said...

I saw it in Chicago, and it's being developed as it goes along -- what people are seeing now is very different from what people saw a month ago, and I personally loved it. I'm not a lightweight, I've been in the musical theatre world for 40 years...but the show needs to reel in Nathan Lane, Bebe Neuwerth can't stand him and its obvious when they are on stage together, and the book itself has been fixed, but the jokes need to be fixed now...It will be a big success, and I'm glad they are bringing in Jerry Zaks to fix it -- he's friends with Nathan, and if anyone can reel him in, it will be Jerry.