Thursday, December 24, 2009

Love Is in the Air

Well, just as I'd sworn off putting up my little Christmas decorations this year along came notice from my DVR that Darlene Love had sung "Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)" on David Letterman last night. I unwrapped a Pop-Tart and hit play and before I knew it, the lights and stockings were hung (with a reasonable amount of care). The CD tower was cleared of tchotchkes so the tree could be set up and decorated. (Those are my East-Bake Oven and Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile ornaments underneath.) And all the boxes that came in the mail the past week were unpacked, creating a mountain of presents around the Christmas, um, armoire. Thanks, Darlene, for bringing a little Christmas (as only you can) -- and just in the nick of time.


501bob said...

Merry Christmas Kenneth, thanks for sharing. Hope the New Year is good for you and you get a great job.
You are a sweet sentimental man.
All the best, Bob in upstate NY.

nojarama said...

All is right with the world when Darlene sings for us all on Letterman! Happy Christmas!!!