Friday, December 04, 2009

Charm Offensive

Sporting a new version of his famous "fauxhawk," David Beckham stole the show today at a media fair for the 10 countries bidding for the 2018 World Cup. reports that Beckham's arrival at the event "dominated the media attention and made up for any disappointment felt by England 2018 leaders to the muted reaction to their underwhelming promotional video." The 34-year-old superstar's enduring popularity has me thinking that perhaps Tiger Woods should call him for advice. Beckham has been repeatedly linked to other women, often through incriminating text messages, yet his image has remained golden. Might he know the secret to fauxgiveness?


Anonymous said...

Just don't let Beckham talk! I was blown away when TMZ aired a brief clip awhile back of him speaking at a press conference. Yikes! Nasal, whiney, of the least attractive voices I have ever heard. Doesn't match his image at all. Just smile and keep moving, Becks!

David in Houston said...

My God, the massive amount of tattoos was bad enough. Now he's butchered his hair. Is he intentionally trying to make himself look hideous?

NowMyButtHurts said...

As much as I want to say race probably figures into the equation somewhere... our perception of Beckham is a associated with sex to a much greater degree than Woods, which makes the whole thing more interesting i suppose.

Anonymous said...

Tattoos - 0/10
Wife - 1/10
His style and him as a person - PRICELESS.
I think he's a really nice guy and he gets my vote.

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