Monday, November 30, 2009

Diamonds in the Rough

Although I doubt Andy Warhol would have thought much of a college workshopped stage musical (in Connecticut!) about the day Valerie Solanas tried to kill him ("Pop!"), odds are he wouldn't have minded that pretty boy Randy Harrison was cast to play him, even if the actor did star in one of the worst television shows in history.

Far more compelling is my friend Ben Widdicombe's idea for a musical based on the Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren saga. This "could be the rock opera concept Ace of Base has been waiting for." If songs like "The Sign," "All That She Wants (Is Another Baby)" and "Beautiful Life" don't convey the story of Elin's 3-iron "courage" (it was, after all, courageous of her to not kill him for his adultery) then I don't know what does. (But did the hitherto classy golfer really think he could buy his wife's forgiveness -- at Zales???) "Pop!" runs through Dec. 19 at the Yale Repertory Theater, 1120 Chapel St., New Haven; (203) 432-1234; Full story HERE.

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Anonymous said...

At first glance I almost thought that was Kate Gosselin!