Thursday, November 19, 2009

People Pleasers

I've never "gotten" Johnny Depp (when I'm in the mood for pretty I always go with Rob Lowe). But the editors of People obviously do -- naming him the sexiest man alive for the second time in six years. Now their pick for sexiest rising star, Matt Bomer. That I "get," and wouldn't mind getting more of. Some of my other faves below. See all the pic(k)s HERE.

Matt Bomer
The "Glee" guys
Jerry O'Connell (somewhere John Stamos is drooling)
Ryan Phillippe and Bradley Cooper
Gilles Marini, the Lucky Vanous of the 21st century, only not as hot

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds


Anonymous said...

That'll be Matt Bomer, not Boomer, and Jerry O'Connell, not Chris :)

I thought Matt Morrison was James Franco in that shot. Could Cory Monteith look more physically awkward? And doesn't Jerry O'Connell look a little strange in that picture?

I agree re Johnny Depp. I'd've chosen Aussie rugby star David Williams as hottest guy on the planet.


Mike in Asheville said...

Perhaps you are confusing beauty for sexy? Certainly there are better looking and better bodied men than Johnny Depp.

"Sexiness", of course, is subjective. For the many for whom sex is so much more than just getting to cum, there is so much more than to him than his handsome face and muscled body.

In many of the roles he has played, Depp exudes sexiness: he is dreamy in Chocolate and Don Juan DeMarco; dark and manly in Ninth Gate; adorable and vulnerable as Cry Baby; and, my favorite, sensitive, caring, dreamer (different than dreamy), charming as James Barri in Finding Neverland.

Go Johnny, go!

Leo said...

Really? Johnny Depp? I also don't really "get" him, but okay, he sells magazines. As for Matt Bomer, now he is hot...and gay...and WAS lest that's what I read at Queerty. ;) peace

Anonymous said...

Ryan Reynolds gets my vote.

However, I have to agree with Anonymous about David Williams - he's just steaming hot!!!