Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Music Box: Siobhan Fahey

How I love me Shuv? Let me count the ways. Whether as one-third of Bananarama, one-half of Shakespears Sister or a simply the frontwoman of her own rocking band (and/or calling herself Shakespears Sister again), I've always had a serious thing for Siobhan Fahey. Even during the Ramas' most syrupy pop days, it was obvious she was the most talented member, and the one with the wild side, and the dark side. After exploring just how dark she could get in the City of Angels, she wound up in a mental institution, divorced and without custody of her two boys with Dave Stewart. (She also unceremoniously "divorced" her bandmate Marcella Detroit onstage during an awards ceremony -- ouch!) That seems like a million years ago now (the boys are now 18 and 22 -- ouch!) and after releasing an impressive amount of music via her Web site over the last 10 years, she's finally decided to put out something proper, the just-out "Songs From the Red Room."

Although many of the songs have been around in various forms for some time, the overall result is a stunner that showcases Fahey's unique songwriting style that mixes glam rock and electronica while never forgetting her pop roots. Not sure what to think? Download the rousing "It's a Trip" to get the party started. (She'll be your heroine.) My personal favorite wound up an iTunes bonus track, "Someone Else's Girl."

Siobhan appeared on "Loose Women" this week (it's like "The View" but the women aren't nearly as annoying) and looked ageless, blond again in a Vivienne Westwood top. (Is heroin her secret?) On Friday she's returning the stage for her first performance in a number of years and I praying one of you kind readers in the U.K. has a full report and photos for me. And how about some New York gigs, Shuv?

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Neal said...

K- Thanks for the update on Siobhan. I had no idea all this had gone on with her. The 'Ramas are one of my favorites, but let's face it, they've never been the same without her. I hadn't heard anything about or from S since the second Shakespear's Sister album. Now I'll have to go investigate. Work production will suffer today!

nojarama said...

She is the queen! If she ever plays stateside, you & I have to see her together... I guess I better start working the street corners selling lemonade (or myself) to make that happen!

Siobhan Fahey Realm said...

The new album is brilliantly quirky, and a first class return for Siobhan, lets hope she doesn't take so long to release another album.

Anonymous said...

I've been very curious about her and really really like her songs for a long time. Now I finally got some information and I'll try to get her albuns. Thank you!

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