Thursday, November 12, 2009

Go, Fish!

While Middle America might be ready to watch Fish (Scott Evans) and Kyle (Brett Claywell) weigh the pros and cons of doing it versus watching "Christina Comes Home for Christmas," one thing I'm sure might be too much is the idea of two gays guys being couch potatoes. :-)

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James Greenlee said...

Very sweet, if a little unbelieveable. They're taking it slow for the daytime viewing audience, not for their "already did it" characters!

I first saw Scott Evans like a year ago, as a background character (on "Fringe" maybe?), and a story that week about him being Chris Evans' gay brother. I'm amazed he's gotten such prominence so quickly. And that the soap crowd isn't icking themselves out over this.

I originally thought Chris was the hot one. I'm changing my mind.