Thursday, October 15, 2009

Love, Courtney

As with Entertainment Weekly, my subscription to INTEVIEW is ending on "high" note, albeit in a way that reiterates why I'm not going to renew. There's this fab pre-Cobain feature on Courtney Love at the back of the book, but of course it's from the era when I LOVED Interview and subscribed to the Warhol mag (in this case, February 1987, the month Andy died). At the time of the interview, the 21-year-old actress was fresh from playing Nancy Spungeon's best friend, Gretchen, in "Sid and Nancy." Chloe Webb was great and everything, but how big of an asshole must Alex Cox feel for not casting Love as Nancy, a role she was clearly born to live play. Instead, he wrote a role for her in his next film, "Straight to Hell," which as far as I remember went straight to video. Still incoherent after all these years, Love reportedly closed her rambling Twitter account yesterday. I tried following her, but her abuse of the 140-character rule was so flagrant that "one" tweet would take up an entire page on the Web site, so I dropped her months ago. I'm guessing her lawyers got VanVonderen involved for a Twitter intervention. One lawsuit is enough.

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