Thursday, October 08, 2009

Jive Talking?

Some Australians are saying Harry Connick Jr. "overreacted" when he gave a group of Jackson 5 "tribute" impersonators called the Jackson Jive -- who appear in blackface -- a ZERO rating on the Aussie variety TV show "Hey, Hey, It's Saturday." (What a surprise given the country's swell treatment of Aborigines.) But kudos to him for standing his ground as he explained to the people Down Under why blackface is so wrong. Watch the video over at Queer Two Cents HERE.


Doctor K said...

And then to find out that they are all physicians.

Danny in WeHo said...

I'm sure all the hubbub over this incident isn't really about Harry "over reacting", they're still reeling because of what America did to "KATH & KIM".

Matthew said...

Kenneth: When I posted this, I almost gagged when I had people saying "It's different in Australia because they never had slaves" and that we shouldn't jump on every little thing that might or might not be racist. I'm against racism because I'm in favor of despising all humanity equality, and reactions like that go a long way toward making me feel I'm right, jeeeeeezus.