Thursday, October 22, 2009

In-Box: WWTF?????

I don't listen to the radio. And this disturbing e-mail from a pal here in New York is reminding me why. Who wants to be subjected to THIS?

imagine my dismay as i stepped out of the shower this morning and heard a virulently anti-same-sex marriage ad coming out of my radio speakers.... from WBLS (107.5)! the station that carries (or used to, before the tv show) wendy williams!

it was really an anti-corzine ad from the national organzation for marriage (hisss), but it totally focused on same-sex marriage and the "harmful effects" it has on OUR community. according to the ad, kids in jersey are being "forced" to learn about the topic ... "and don't they have enough to deal with, without being subjected to THAT?" ummm ... homo-say-what?! they even had voice actors pretending to be kids coming home from school, talking about "two prince charmings" and "two cinderellas" or something, to the horror of their parents.

naturally, at the end of the ad, there was the standard disclaimer, "the views expressed in this ad do not reflect those of this station OR its owner..." and i know that in this economy, it's probably unheard of for anyone to turn down advertising money... but i don't wanna hear it! 'BLS has always prided itself on being pro-black community (they constantly brag about being the only black-owned & operated station in NYC) and pro-woman (despite still playing the occasional r.kelly and chris brown song, they are major sponsors of the circle of sisters expo). they would NEVER play a racially insensitive or overtly sexist commercial, no matter how much the advertiser was willing to pay them.

if you know me, you know what this means: gurl-cott!

but this is WBLS, dammit.
they are celebrating their 35th anniversary this year. i've been listening to this station since i got my first radio in the 70s. this is where i probably first heard taana gardner sing "heartbeat", shalamar, stacy lattisaw, stephanie mills, chaka khan and on and on... long before is started listening to all that "white music." lol.

hearing an ad like that on a radio station that has given me over 30 years of funky jams and old-school R&B just really hits me where i live. SO did not need that this week.

they used to say that WBLS stood for Warmth, Beauty, Love and Soul black ass!

okay, drama-queen rant over. at least 98.7 KISS is still around...


richard said...

that would be a shock, much as i have rants -- since i've been living outside of the bubble even though i've never been a large bubble person -- apart from champagne...yet, it becomes difficult to believe the manner of supposed rights conflicts when i've seen how flaccid many glbt people have been over the past decade. having been with numerous aware people in tempe, los angeles, and then new york -- this recent batch pisses me off A LOT. i am grateful to people for being active or merely amusing, yet, i gave credit to plenty of people who then hit the snooze. it's no wonder Viagra became so popular. who knew that 30 was the new 70??

have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Th person responsible for accepting comments about programming and commercials can be (left a message) at 212 447 1000. Please say something!