Monday, October 05, 2009

The Ice Maiden Cometh

Chris Evert and Greg Norman have called it quits after just 15 months of marriage, bolstering Dick Enberg's infamous on-air assessment that the line to date Chris Evert "is long but moves quickly." You gotta think that Norman's former wife -- Laura Andrassy, aka "The $115 Million Dollar Woman," who claims Chris aggressively pursued Greg in front of her and her own husband, Andy Mill while the couples were on a vacation together -- is enjoying the taste of schadenfreude right now.

But despite Chris' claim that Laura had too much time on her hands to criticize other people, she was the (near) model of grace when informed about the news: "I feel sorry for the children," Andrassy told Palm Beach Post columnist Jose Lamiet on Saturday by telephone from her new home in the Hamptons. "The kids [Norman's son and daughter and Evert's three teenage boys] are the ones who are going to deal with another break-up," she said. "They just went through the same thing with their mom and dad." Of course, no woman dumped after 26 years of marriage would be human without adding her own observation of where things went wrong with her ex's new love: "'Here were two people very much alike -- high-profile and narcissistic -- and that would make a relationship difficult." Advantage, Andrassy. (Andy Mill has weighed in on the situation too, saying "it's horrible, what they've done.")

Trail of destruction: Chris Evert was spotted over the weekend

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