Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not Your Mother's Rainbow Sprinkles

I've been vaguely aware of the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck since earlier this summer. But it wasn't until last night that I came to realize its proprietor, Doug Quint, is someone I've known about for a decade or two ago based on our mutual obsession with the Go-Go's. (Why did I just know those girls would have to have something to do with this? The cover of "Talk Show" always reminded me of an ice-cream parlor and Jane Wiedlin is sort of the human equivalent of a Strawberry Shortcake bar.) The Gothamist interviewed Doug, below, in July and got the scoop (sorry, couldn't resist) on how the idea came about, including the story behind his famous topics that include olive oil, sea salt, ginger cookies, wasabi pea dust, pumpkin butter, curried coconut, cocoa nibs, cayenne, Nutella and caramelized bacon.
   The truck's Web site is kind of ambiguous (I'm pretty sure I read Doug does this with his boyfriend, Bryan Petroff) , but I think Doug is going to be on Frank DeCaro's show on Sirius-XM OutQ later today just after noon. (I met Frank and his hubby, Jim Colucci, at a party recently and thought they were a hoot.) Visit the official site HERE. And to keep tabs on when the truck may be in your neck of the woods, follow it on Twitter HERE.


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