Thursday, September 03, 2009

One-Night Only: Mike and the Obama Death Panels

My pal Mike Toole gives his take on a recent town-hall meeting in his home state of New Jersey, providing clarity on the health-care-reform debate and the fine art of booing someone in a wheelchair. (Read the full post HERE.)

To recap:

  • People in New Jersey are assholes
  • I'd shit on Dick Cheney
  • The Obama Death Panels is a good band name
  • Obama has been stinky so far
  • Whoever boos loudest wins
  • 1 comment:

    Mike said...

    Toole is a good name for this guy. First, not all people in NJ are assholes. Second, he admits that he no longer lives in NJ and was basing his opinion on this video (and we all know how reliable THAT is). Please!

    I live in the Red Bank area and there were just as many obnoxious pro-healthcare reform nuts there too. I work in healthcare and I agree that there needs to be reform but some aspects of the proposed Obama plan needs to be worked out. Believe me, there's plenty of crazy to spread around when it comes to town hall meetings but it's not merely confined to NJ.