Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dead On

It's completely out of character, but sadly there's no awkward metaphor in this column by Thomas Friedman. I hate to admit it, but I'm truly scared for our president. (Our country? That's fucked, regardless.)


Marc Lallanilla said...

The continued decay of our entire political system leaves me fearful, too. It's like an episode of Jerry Springer, where fat chicks with mall hair brawl with their toothless, tattooed ex-boyfriends, while the abandoned child in the background looks on in horror. No good can come from this. I hope I'm wrong, but it seems only a matter of time before another Squeaky Fromme takes aim.

Unknown said...

Aww, poor Kenny. Were you also really really scared when the movie came out a few years back advocating the assassination of President Bush?

I'm guessing you were. Quiver, quiver, quake, quake.

Or if not, well, what am I to make of this conundrum?


Jimmy said...

I hope it's not some dark prescience the Friedman is displaying, but he is right in his alarmist tone.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Well, when you're right, you're right, Fruckin. I mean they're practically the EXACT same thing yet I wasn't worried about Bush back in the day. You know, when HE was the first African-American president in a bitterly divided -- racially and politically -- country and people were showing up at his speeches with loaded weapons. You REALLY told me.