Thursday, August 20, 2009

What Is Beautiful?

In the new documentary "Gaze," filmmaker Matt Riddlehoover -- you remember, the guy who played a man who was so infatuated with himself he fucked a blow-up doll that looked just like him in "Watch Out" -- explores the work 20 artists through the eyes of their admirers.


Featuring the works of Salvador Cobrero Alarcon, Rob Beyond, Adam Bouska, Juanma Carrillo, Jerome Haffner, Matthias Herrmann, Ethan James, Albo Jeavons, Jules Julien, Karim Konrad, Bruce LaBruce, Ignacio Lozano, Sandro Mantovani, J David McKenney, Maykson Ribet, Alfredo Roagui, Nick San Pedro, Stuart Sandford, Bogdan Stanga, and Austin Young.

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