Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tuesday Headlights

  • Part II: In today's Times, Patrick Healy reports that the creators of the acclaimed play about the murder of Matthew Shepard are finishing work on an epilogue that will be given its debut simultaneously at dozens of theaters on Oct. 12. The complete story, as well as a link to a list of "Epilogue" reading locations and other related multimedia content on "The Laramie Project" and Matthew Shepard are HERE.

  • Gay Vs. Orthodox: How condemnations of a deadly shooting in a refuge for young gay people in Tel Aviv have been followed by accusations. (Guardian) Meanwhile, an Orthodox rabbi spoke out against anti-gay rhetoric in the Orthodox community Monday at a Washington vigil mourning two Jews slain at a gay center in Tel Aviv. (JTA)

  • The P-Town of the Middle East? In Sunday's Travel Section, Healy wrote about Beirut, which has re-emerged as the party capital of the Arab world, particularly for gay and lesbian vacationers in search of a social life denied to them at home. His article, an accompanying slide show and more HERE.

  • Poor Little Rich Girl: If being rich, famous and gorgeous are Jennifer Aniston's biggest problems, I'll have what she's having. (Bricks and Stones)

  • Hot Wheels: Ever wonder what gay and lesbian car guys want? (You just know a Volkswagen's involved) (Baltimore Sun)

  • TV Watch: Get ready for a much smaller Emmy show. (NYT)

  • RIP: Charles Gwathmey, an architect who turned his love of Modernism and passion for geometrical complexity into a series of compelling houses and sometimes controversial public buildings, died on Monday in Manhattan. He was 71 and lived in Manhattan. (NYT)
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    Ben said...

    I asked Patrick Healy out a couple of times when I lived in New York. This is ... you know, I can't process it.