Monday, August 10, 2009

'Step' Up

I have never watched "Gossip Girl" before, but I'm almost embarrassed to say how turned on I was when I saw one of its stars over the weekend in the trailer for the new film, "The Stepfather."
   As the Culture Queens astutely asked: How do you do a remake of the 1987 B-flick "The Stepfather" and make audiences in 2009 flock to their local cineplex to see it? Answer: Change the main character from a teenage girl to a teenage boy, cast "Gossip" heartthrob Penn Badgley in the role and then keep him in a tank top or shirtless throughout most of the movie. And all this time I thought Hollywood didn't know what it was doing. See for yourself below:


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:el fano: said...

will {i} [AM] a gossip-girl {fan}atic! {lol} and I am psyched for this to "bless" my eyes on the silver screen! [lol] should be good times {ANY}way you look at! thank you for the post! xo xo :el fano: