Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bang Bang

OK, so it's only been a week since I challenged the world to show me just one example of someone's owning a gun and having it come in handy against a "bad guy" -- with no innocents getting hurt along the way -- and I've already been silenced. But I still contend that 99 percent of the time it ends badly. And THIS EXAMPLE -- where a Harlem businessman shot all four men (killing two) who were robbing and pistol-whipping his employees -- is so great that I'm OK with being "wrong"! What's disturbing is that one of the guys he wounded is already out on bond. Wouldn't you agree that anyone involved in armed robbery is a threat to society, especially a threat to the man who just shot him, killed two of his "buddies" and got him arrested?


Anonymous said...

Does the unibrow come with the first pistol or the 4th?

Anonymous said...

Oh Kenneth... the only thing you were wrong about was posting that picture! You owe us 5 really hot nearly naked "Morning Wood" postings!!

RE: Guns.. I am 100% supportive of people's rights to bear arms per the 2nd Amendment but I am also 100% in support of a policy of strict liability for the owners of the guns. If the gun, for ANY reason, is out of your control and used in the commission of a crime, the gun owner should be held responsible along with the person who commited the crime for anything that happens.


Allen said...

If the guy would have stayed clean he would not be in the fix that he is in. Brovo for the shop owner doing what he did. He protected himself and his employees.

@ chuck, I dont completely agree with you. I mean if you was carrying a gun that you owned. And an assailant took it from you and shot others with it, that would mean you would go to prison for the same crime. Which all you was doing is protecting yourself. hmmm

Anonymous said...

Allen, if you are going to be carrying a gun, you'd better know how to use it AND how to keep it secure on your person so that an assailant isn't "snatching" it from you.
How does he do that anyway? If he's already armed, he doesn't need your gun to commit a crime and if he's not armed, how'd he get your gun?
If he took it from within the waist band of your pants, etc.. then you are being negligent..