Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Attitude Adjustment

Perhaps it's time to reconsider my "hating it when gay magazines put straight guys like Nick Youngquest on their covers instead of using gay models" stance. (Via Attitude)


Morgan said...

Hey man! Love your blog :) Every morning I read it and ohlala with my coffee before heading to work. About Nick being on a gay magazine...does that mean that "str8" magazines shouldn't have gay guys on their covers? Just curious ;) Keep up the awesome blogging!
Ottawa, Canada

richard said...

i'd have to say -- i find it more disturbing in observing various media ventures that claim to be queer and have to be the most boring, colorless, selfish, and variable bigotry i've tasted.

i'd have to agree. rather easy to recognize the reflection of hate.

have you ever been to west hollywood??

DFProdNow said...

GREAT SELECTION OF PICTURES! he is one of hottest guys in sports