Monday, July 20, 2009

OK, Now They're Just F**king With Us


 We all know Europeans are less uptight about sex than Americans. But come on -- this German Sprite commercial is a bit much even by Jeff Stryker's standards.


 UPDATE: Oh, it's a "spec" commercial, like I know what that is!


S said...

Now when I think of Sprite, I think of bukake (which is sooo wrong).

Anonymous said...

This was covered at Joe.My.God, who noted it is a "spec" commercial. A commenter there explained "A spec commercial is a commercial done by a director to try to get business. They have nothing to do with the brand, and are not commissioned by the brand. The director is essentially misappropriating a brand's trademark to try to build their portfolio."

So, I think it is important to note this is not a Sprite commercial, it is just a video someone made that has Sprite in it.