Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Music Box: Bananarama

I think it's pretty safe my loyalty to Bananarama in unparalleled (I even tried to replace Siobhan Fahey, even after that dreadful "Exotica" back in '02. Those poor French.) My pal Robbie at ChartRigger recently discovered the video for the gals' new single, "Love Comes," off their upcoming CD, "Viva." and I already like where this is going. The album is due in stores on Sept. 14. I, however, am ready for rehearsals long before then. ...

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    Matthew said...

    That last album was better than anything they ever put out, not counting back when they were cool and artistic as opposed to just fun.

    nojarama said...

    A little too lo-budget IMO. The only thing that really sucks is all the lyrics plastered throughout. That is just plain annoying. Also, the song title written and blown, in what I assume is, baby powder is a bit off-kilter (could be read as "coke"). Love the song & the girls look great though!

    Unknown said...

    Amazing pic of you and the girls! Jealous here! I saw them back in 88 in Boston! I hope to see them again! Keep up the great blog!

    born2.sparklee said...

    They still look great! Not that into the song though.

    D'luv said...

    I was feeling what Nojarama said, that it's a bit low-budget, but really, what music vids aren't these days? The days of labels splashing out millions on promo clips are long gone...

    I think these broads made the best of what they had on hand. I admit, the video is better than the song, though.