Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Face-to-Face With Joan Rivers

PageSix leaked a few of the highlights from the upcoming Joan Rivers roast, and as predicted, we are not going to be disappointed. Joan Rivers has had endless plastic surgeries, and her fellow comics didn't let her forget it during a Comedy Central roast in LA the other night, The Post's Mandy Stadtmiller reports. "You're like Robo-Cop, you're half-human and nobody's given a [bleep] about you since 1986," Greg Giraldo told Rivers. Jeffrey Ross continued: "Joan had a difficult choice to make, whether to do this roast or be the fifth celebrity to die this month . . . Who's your plastic surgeon? Tim Burton? Oh my God, Kanye's mom had a better plastic surgeon." And quipped Brad Garrett, "Joan has [bleep]ed more old Jews than Bernie Madoff." And if that doesn't make you want to watch, this "tirade" will:



Richard Wall said...

Darling, apparently that Joan Rivers bitch-slap is a put-on. I wouldn't have any problem believing it even if it WERE true. But I think it's staged.


J. Clarence said...

Oh it was clearly staged, but it was done in the way most virals videos are made now.

I still can't wait for this roast. I was a bit surprised that they picked Rivers as the next roastee, but she does provide a lot of material.

I cannot wait for the uncut version to come on the secret stash a couple of weeks later.