Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Page 1 Consider (05/19)

  • Musical High School: I could be wrong, but something tells me "Glee" is going to be my new favorite show. (NYT)

  • Blue Moon With Heartache: Can't wait for "The List: Rosanne Cash's Search for Legacy," a new book that examines the singer/songwriter's rocky relationship with her legendary father, Johnny Cash. (Prefix)

  • Young Heroes: A 9-year-old gay rights activist? Maybe there is hope for this country after all. (Advocate)

  • Crimes of Fashion: This sexy modern-day Bonnie and Clyde are dressed to kill. (NYP)

  • Lezzie Watch: Stop the presses, guys. We've got a lesbian nominated to be a U.S. attorney! (Advocate)

  • Does Ask, Doesn't Tell: Yesterday, Kerry Eleveld of the Advocated asked Press Secretary Robert Gibbs the question on everybody's mind. Noting that the president supported full repeal of DOMA on the election trail, she said: "Now that same-sex couples can marry in five different states, what is the president doing to make sure those marriages can be recognized at the federal level, and what's the timeline for something like that?" Gibbs was highly dismissive of her. But the question on my mind is how did gay person who's not a hooker get into a White House press briefing? (Towleroad)

  • Separate and Unequal: Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire on Monday signed legislation granting domestic partners almost all of the state rights of married spouses. The law highlights the inherent unfairness of marriage inequality, yet opponents are STILL planning a bid to overturn this grossly discriminatory act. (365Gay)

  • But Does It Have a Borgasmord? Here's a blast from the past. Mason Reese, who became famous in the early '70s hawking Underwood Deviled Ham, is opening a new bar and grill in the East Village. I'm assuming Rodney Allen Rippey is his business partner. (NYP)

  • Take the Money and Run: American Apparel will pay Woody Allen $5 million for unauthorized use of his image in ads. I don't mean to be didactic or facetious in any way, but it would have cost you a lot less if you'd just asked him. (The Cut)

  • Moby Dick: Did you hear gay-slur aficionado Eminem on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" crediting Elton John for helping him get off drugs? (YouTube)

  • Takes One to Know One: Sarah Palin is every bit the caricature of herself you think she is. (AP)

  • RIP: What a shock to start my nightly routine at work of editing obituaries for the wire and to see longtime AIDS activist Rodger McFarlane's name before me, a suicide victim. Rodger was the first executive director of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis (he started the hot line out of his apartment) and went on to lead Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, the Bailey House, and Gill Foundation. Not two weeks ago I had the pleasure of seeing him moderate a lively Q&A after a screening of "Outrage" at the Directors Guild and I was immediately swept away by his intellect, charm and endless knowledge of LGBT history. (God I hope he kept copious notes and journals. His absence leaves a HUGE void in the database of the LGBT population's history.) It's so hard to imagine that someone so articulate, vibrant and seemingly full of life could have been suffering in so much pain. (Chronic heart and back problems were cited in his suicide note.) Larry Kramer, who was on the panel I mentioned, had this to say about Rodger's passing: "Rodger was a very great man. He did more for the gay world than any person has ever done. His loss to us all is inestimable. He was also my best friend. And his loss to me is inestimable too. It is hard for me to understand why he did it this way, but in true Rodger fashion he did what he wanted to do, which is how he lived his whole life, true to what he felt he had to do. People like Rodger don't come around very often. I don't think the gay world knew or knows how great he was and how much he did for us and how much we need him still and how much we will miss him." (NYT)
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