Wednesday, May 06, 2009

For Now, Maine-ly Good News

Kudos to Gov. John Baldacci of Maine for signing his state's same-sex marriage bill into law. His "endorsement" was a bit, um, awkward (“It’s not the way I was raised and it’s not the way that I am"), but at least he recognizes the big picture ("this is a question of fairness and of equal protection under the law").

Sadly, there is no time to celebrate. Maine looks like it's heading to Prop Eightsville, and with a public referendum that can easily allow the people to vote away other people's said "equal protection under the law," a same-sex marriage in Maine is unlikely to happen before the summer of 2010 -- if ever. (NYT)


r said...
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Sam said...

As a Mainer who was raised amidst a gaggle of Lesbians, I wouldn't be too worried about any sort of Prop 8-style shenanigans. The bottom 3rd of the state is pretty packed full of libruls, and even the state's more conservative inhabitants lean more Libertarian than culturally conservative (cf. the resin-encased pot leaf one of my dad's patients gave him as a christmas present.)