Monday, March 23, 2009

Homo Box Office

We finally got around to watching our Netflix pick of the week, the pup-tent-inspired recommendation, "Chuck and Buck." While I doubt there's a lot I can add to the discussion of this one nearly 10 years after its release, I do have to say that I've never felt so uncomfortable watching a film in my entire life. I'm still not sure if I completely envy writer/star Mike White for coming up with something so bizarre and original -- or if he should be utterly ashamed of himself for being so wonderfully twisted. (If only "Single White Female" -- and every other picture from the 1990s that used that formula -- had opted for this character study minus the hacksaw approach!)

Chuck and Buck: Suck and fuck?

I don't think they could have assembled a better group of actors in the three pivotal roles. Beth Colt was sensational as the trying-to-be-nice (but not really sure what's going on) fiance, Carlyn. Chris Weitz -- whom I came to find out is an Oscar-nominated screenwriter for "About a Boy," which he also directed -- couldn't have been more perfect as the trying-to-be-sympathetic (but losing his patience) old pal Chuck. And Mike White who, whether we want to admit it or not, is just like someone we all know who suffers from Asperger's Syndrome/arrested development or mild retardation, is downright unsettling as Buck. And while my first reaction to the "climax" was disappointment, a few days later I'm coming to appreciate that perhaps it revealed there was more to the whole "thing" than hunky Charles was willing to admit to. Not for everyone, but some really great stuff.

Next up? "54," which apparently everyone has seen except me. ("The Last Days of Disco" came out around the same time I so saw that instead.) I'm bummed that they don't have the (way-gayer) director's cut available. But with a young Ryan Phillippe running around shirtless, something tells me I'll manage to get through it somehow.

UPDATE: The "54" director's cut is on its way!

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Mike White is Rev. Mel White's son and both are now on "The Amazing Race"